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By default, the Outlook Linker utility puts only HTML format (containing the Outlook URL) on the clipboard. Word treats this as an actual hyperlink, but the MS rich text control (used by UR for rich text editing) doesn't.

If you right-click on the Linker tray icon and check Text (HTML), the linker utility will subsequently put text format on the clipboard as well, which will paste like this into UR (and other apps):

<p><a href='Outlook:0000000090116E77FD1A994BAE2972020E2B A7D404182000'>dfdf</a></p>

If you then delete the HTML code surrounding the URL, it will become a clickable link. You can also give the link a custom title via Format | Hyperlink Properties.

It would be more convenient if the linker utility could put an RTF hyperlink and/or the raw URL as text on the clipboard.
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