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Originally posted by DavidMacLean does not seem to be valid for my copy of the same version (5.40) of the borland resource compiler ?!!
I think most versions of brcc32.exe report the version as 5.40 in their output. The Explorer file properties shows a File Version of and a modified date of May 22, 2001.

If I remove the offending lines it compiles fine.
Does the prior attachment have the same problem when built there? Which version of VBP and Windows are you running?

I have changed something, but what? I was using the same suite of tools for months (years?) without an issue.
I have no idea.

Why has VisualBuild decided to start putting these lines into the VRC text file? It never used to.
Again, the Make Delphi action has always creating the version info resource in that format when generating a new .vrc file (if one doesn't already exist).

I cannot figure out what I have changed.

When I rollback to months ago, or delete all the VRC, VisualBuild keeps inserting the lines which cause BRCC32 to fail.

In other words, after months of uneventful building, I now have three applicatioins with hundreds of steps that are suddenly useless to me....
Again, the Make Delphi action will not add those lines back into the .vrc file if removed externally, so one workaround might be to do that rather than deleting them (but again, note that some information will be missing from the resulting version info resource if those lines are removed).

Not sure why you say it is a valid resource file. Just cut and paste the text and try it.
The .vrc file generated by the Make Delphi action for the previously attached sample (which compiled successfully in our tests w/ Delphi 6) was identical to what you originally reported.

We have the same version of BRCC32.
Most likely not if you have Delphi 5.

Maybe you can look at that xml project step gobbledegook and spot what I have inadvertently changed.
I don't think that's the issue, but you're using macros to define your values, and those aren't provided.
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