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That is a valid version info resource (accepted by brcc32.exe 5.40 from Delphi 6 [oldest version we have] as well as multiple versions of MS rc.exe), and the VBP Make Delphi action has always generated a .vrc file in that format if one didn't already exist. Attached is a .bld file that works properly using VBP v6.4, Delphi 6, and version value of 2007.6.9.0, with build output of:

6/13/2007 1:30:25 PM: --------------------Starting Build: 'Untitled'--------------------
6/13/2007 1:30:25 PM: Building project step 'Make Delphi'...
setting version...compiling VERSIONINFO RC file...
Borland Resource Compiler Version 5.40
Copyright (c) 1990, 1999 Inprise Corporation. All rights reserved.
updating VERSIONINFO resource...building...

Borland Delphi Version 14.0
Copyright (c) 1983,2001 Borland Software Corporation
86 lines, 2.45 seconds, 603528 bytes code, 8953 bytes data.
6/13/2007 1:30:28 PM: Build successfully completed.

Note that some information will be missing from the resulting version info resource if those lines are removed, but the Make Delphi action will not add those lines back into the .vrc file if removed externally.
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