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How to initiate builds from PCs where Visual Build is not installed?

1) Use Remote Desktop or VNC to access the build computer desktop and initiate builds.

2) Use a VisBuildPro Project action (if VBP is installed on the local computer) or psExec (if VBP isn't installed) to invoke the console app on the remote computer.

3) Configure a scheduled task to periodically perform builds on the server. The scheduled task can also be run on an ad hoc basis via SCHTASKS at a Command Prompt:

schtasks /run /s "computer name" /tn "task name /u "user name" /p "password"

4) Setup a web front-end to the build server and allow users to launch builds from that. This is demonstrated by the WebLauncher ASP.NET sample.

5) Use continuous integration (the build machine continually polls and initiates builds when changes are checked into source control).
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