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Originally Posted by kinook View Post
If the executable path+filename contains spaces, quotes are required and will be included. If the filename doesn't contain spaces, quotes are not required and will not be included.
I need to override this behavior. I need to end up with something like this:
{[1]"}sourceanalyzer{[1]"} -b %someBuildID% {[2]"}%devenv%{[2]"} {[3]"}%solutionToCompile%{[3]"} %anyBuildVariables%
where {[x]"} indicate quotes that follow the behavior you outlined and x indicates a set (both must be either present or absent.)

Originally Posted by kinook View Post
What escape characters?
I include a quote in the override devenv path, something like this:
"sourceanalyzer -b %buildID% "%devenv%
hoping for:
""sourceanalyzer -b someBuildID "pathtodevenv\" ....
but getting:
"\"sourceanalyzer -b someBuildID \"pathtodevenv\" ....

Originally Posted by kinook View Post
No -- that is required syntax for executing multiple commands at once.
I understand, but I need to pass:
%devenv% %solutionToCompile% %anyBuildVariables%
as parameters to sourceanalyzer -b %buildID%

Originally Posted by kinook View Post
The Make VS* actions determine the version of the solution/project being built and attempt to locate the corresponding version of
yes, but where does Make VS* get the information? If it is the registry I can set a Write Registry at the beginning of each section of the script to change it to:
sourceanalyzer -b %buildID% %correctDEVENV%
and reset it afterwards. Using this solution I would still need to overcome the quotation issue from above, but would save me a lot of time modifying each step by hand.

Also before you sugest using something like "Run Script" let me explain my situation...

To give you a idea of the size of the project, using VBP it takes over 14 hours to compile, one of the 2 current versions of this software utilize VB6 and VS2010, the other version uses VS2010, vs2008, VS2005, and VB6 (it is the older version). The older version has over 2000 steps, the newer is segmented across ~40 build files.

In addition, we are not the developers, we provide software assurance on these products for the US Govt. Every time the developer drops new software, we provide static code analysis and regression testing on it. They use VBP 7.7a, and every time there is a new drop we get a new set of build files.

Thank you for your assistance,
James Mathews
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