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Originally Posted by James.Mathews View Post
I am using VBP 7.7a

Is there a way to turn off quotation marks around the default location of the Devenv / MSBuild / VCBuild?
If the executable path+filename contains spaces, quotes are required and will be included. If the filename doesn't contain spaces, quotes are not required and will not be included.

Is there a way to turn off escape characters around the same? similar to:{Tools\Application Options\Logging(More)\"Escape special characters in step output macros"}
What escape characters? Please provide more info.

Alternatively is there a way to keep VBP from inserting "&&" after "Command to run before main command"?
No -- that is required syntax for executing multiple commands at once.

Also how does VBP determine the default location of devenv?
The Make VS* actions determine the version of the solution/project being built and attempt to locate the corresponding version of
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