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Version 1.4d

Released on March 1, 2006

  • Added Journal.urd sample.

    Bug fixes
  • Access date and access count not getting updated (introduced in 1.4c).
  • Improved XML detection on import.
  • Fix to use existing temporary file for stored file edited on restart after Windows crash/lockup.
  • Can't formulate Matches Wildcard/Contains Keyword operators for String attributes limited to list.
  • Minimize on startup option no longer honored.
  • Synchronize doesn't rekeyword Item Title attribute.
  • In some instances, URL, Item Title, or other system attributes could be deleted.
  • Backspace ends editing and can't rename until view reactivated if item created from Child Items pane.
  • Keyboard shortcuts Backspace and Del processed globally instead of within focused pane if pane activated by clicking its caption.
  • Fixes for XML import errors (if missing linked icon files, etc.).
  • Attributes Editor button on CSV/XML import wizard caused duplicate entries in attribute combo.
  • Preserve logical links when importing XML (if ItemID was exported).
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