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Testing with the database you sent on a USB 2.0 stick and port, the items with a form take about 1.5 seconds to load vs. about 1.25 seconds on an internal hard drive (if the database you sent has 7-10 seconds delay for you, the difference would suggest a drive or port speed issue).

The reason it doesn't load instantly is that the form contains several attributes with values that are auto-completed from other records, and altogether the form drop-down lists contain several thousand values, which are read each time the form is loaded (since the list values could change when the database is modified).

Some options to reduce the load time:

1) Toggle View | Other Windows | Show Forms. This will cause the built-in Contact form to be used instead of a custom form (since these items ultimately derive from the Contact template), which does not have drop-down lists and avoids loading all of them each time. The Item Attributes pane (Ctrl+4) can also be used to edit values not on the form with a drop-down list.

2) If just searching/browsing the data and not editing, open the database read-only (so that drop-downs are not loaded for the form). To do this, either lock the USB stick before opening the database, or open from a Command Prompt and include the /readonly command-line flag:

start ultrarecall x:\file.urd /readonly

3) For any attributes with hundreds of completion list values, uncheck the Auto-complete values from other items option (Tools | Attributes -> Properties).

In our tests, when using any of the above methods, loading an item with a form was nearly instant, both from the USB stick and local hard drive.
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