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This time your 35-min. manifesto is barely manageable within my humble intellectual capacity.
By simple mathematical interpolation, your other manifestos published on this forum could range from 90 to 120 minutes.
Logically, it comes to 3 intriguing questions:
[1] What's your income-earning profession?
[2] Due to your peculiar writing style, are you a German?
[3] How come you leave no cyber footprint on the internet?

Apparently you missed the answer to your oft-mentioned RM vs. UR.
I appreciate you share with us your methodology of how you develop and organize your ideas when composing your magnificent manifestos here.
"Order" appears 6 times in your above manifesto. IMHO, on the contrary, UR never promotes order per se. UR is an unstructured database, save some basic attributes.
Regarding my UR learning, I actually took extensive notes from the entire online help on the Ultra Recall. Most "info items" are heavily tagged with "keys." Every year, I return back to my URD (UR database) exclusively on Ultra Recall to review the entire knowledge. That's exactly the 5th year what I'm doing now. And I'm still learning.
Sincerely hope you enjoy using your UR.
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