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Outlook import Creation Time

Second big problem I've found, as a new UR user:

I would love to use UR as a replacement for Outlook, so I experimented with importing some data: my entire Tasks, Notes, and Contacts folders. Worked OK, mostly. However, the Date Created for each imported item was set as the current date, instead of the matching Creation Date in Outlook.

This sucks for at least 2 reasons:
* I have my Notes organised by date (kind of like a journal). This destroys that history.
* When I Synchronized my Tasks items back to Outlook, it synced all of them (though I hadn't changed anything), and updated the Creation Date fields in Outlook to the later, incorrect dates.

Not good. Creation Date is an important historical attribute, and should not be changed by copy, import, or export procedures.

Any solution to this?

BTW, using UR 3.5a.
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