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Question VS.NET "Copy Project" command

I need to find out how to use the VS.NET "Copy Project" command at the end of my VBP build script.

Whenever I use VBP to build a new version of my .NET web applications, I have to leave a copy of VS.NET open, with the solution loaded (but not executing) in RELEASE mode. Then, at the end of the build, I click on the Project name in the Solution Explorer, and then select PROJECT -> COPY PROJECT to deploy the files to a specific location (always checking to ONLY copy the files needed to execute the application). Is there any way to do this automatically? It is ESSENTIAL that the copy step ONLY copies the files needed to run, not the code files, or unnecessary resource files.

I've looked into the Object Model of the .NET Environment, and cannot find anything related to copying the project... does anyone out there know how to do it?
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