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OK I had the IDE opened and I rebuild all and then publish the one project it went fine from the IDE..

I had the VBP open while I will publish from the IDE. I try to run the one action Make VS.Net and it puke still and this was right after I just did it from the IDE. I just changed the revision number to increment it by one.

here is the same error
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Micr osoft.Common.targets(3150,9): error : A signing key is required in order to publish this project. Publishing from Visual Studio 2005 will automatically configure a signing key for this project.

this is from the IDE when I was done publishing it.....

Verifying Control.dll.deploy... (46 of 46)
Publish success.

any clue what could be wrong? I mean I had that pfx file in the same location while IDE didi the publising. I even kept the IDE open when I ran the VBP action.
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