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Ok I have publish from IDE for this project before. I'm only publishing one project which is my project and has references to other projects within the solution. I have selected ton include all the files under the application files button in the wizzard.

I will try to publish from the IDE again then I will check in the project file along with the pfx file. I check my file directory and I only have one pfx and its on teh project root directory that I published.

When I run VBP I delete all files from my build pc and get everything from source safe. The project .user files I copy from a source control as well. The project file has all the publish wizzard settings but I override some with the Make VS.Net options tab.

any suggestions why it would not work ..I get the error above even though I have published the project once from the IDE. ummm..I will try again ....but you have any clue why it would not work?
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