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According to (ApplicationRevision property section) "it is not automatically incremented for builds performed at the command-line." It appears that the application revision value is stored in the project's .csproj.user file. A Run Script step with VBScript code like this could be used to increment it:

' load the .csproj.user file
Set msxml = CreateObject("MSXML.DOMDocument")
msxml.async = False

' retrieve the current revision and increment
Set node = msxml.selectSingleNode("/Project/PropertyGroup/ApplicationRevision")
node.Text = node.Text + 1

' save the changes "%CSPROJ_USER_FILE%"
Also, contrary to the documentation on the page, it seems that building from the command-line will not actually publish the project (it does not use the publish dir configured in project properties in the IDE). This can be resolved by passing


in the additional values field on the Options tab of the Make VS.NET action.
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