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I do not believe that the error is a Microsoft bug. I think that it is simply a dependency ordering problem and wondered if anyone else had developed some technique to handle this pattern.

This is the bld file which is a set of 3 Visual Studio build steps
1) Unregister1, build1, register1
2) Unregister2, build2, register2
3) Unregister3, build3, register3

The unregister, build, register is what Visual Studio itself does when the Visual Build step executes.

In order to rebuild this what I think I need is:
1) Unregister * (3 then 2 then 1)
2) Build 1
3) Register 1
4) Build 2
5) Register 2
6) Build 3
7) Register 3

Note that I have to have a register step after each build step because the build is conditional in the sense that it may not execute because it is already update-to-date.

Does anyone else do this?
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