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still having issues I took out the %doscmd% and now I have just this

"C:\My Projects\Sykes Newton\Enterprise\Version 1.0\ConfigManger\ConfigUpdate.exe" "/configuration/appSettings/add[[@key='DatasourceConnection']]/@value" "initial catalog=PG_Newton;data source=PHMNL2SQL0033;user=PGNewton;Password=P6N3w0 u48 ?n;Persist Security Info=False;" "C:\My Projects\Sykes Newton\Enterprise\Version 1.0\Setup\Source\Server\Web\RemotingServices\Web.c onfig"

if I take this into cmd prompt and take away the extra "[" and "]" it runs fine.....not sure what I'm doing wrong in the first statement

any ideas ......thanks FOR ALL THE HELP SO FAR.....
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