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Clickonce not updating?

I have a VBP build process that uses MSBuild to update the clickonce site. I first did the clickonce deployment in the IDE to setup all the proper files and publish.htm ..etc.. Now I want to release another version of the software like version 10 .....I see that my MSBuild action uploads all the proper files and changes the setup.exe....but when my users/testers launch the app they don't get the latest version which is version 10 in this case. They still have version 9 on their pc. But if the unistall version 9 and go to the clickonce url they will get version 10. I also tried using the Make VS.Net action and passing the /p arguments....i.e. InstalUrl. PublishDir...etc...

What do I need to do to make the users get the latest code?

I wanted to add....If I do the publishing from the IDE for version 10 then it works....meaning the users/testers would get the latest versions.....So I'm not sure what I have to do in VBP to mimick the IDE.
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