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Command for (or better: automatic) hiding the Search Results Pane?

There has been a discussion in this forum re the persistence of search results (in the Search Results Pane), even beyond double-click of a specific search result in that pane, i.e. after focus set to the tree ("Data Explorer") again, which is not the case currently; I understand this question is debatable; personally, I would have preferred persistence of the Search Results list indeed.

But then, since currently, that list vanishes as soon as the user (by double-click or by "Enter") "goes" into the tree again, the persistence of the - now-useless (!) - Search Results Pane becomes a nuisance, since - for most users, I suppose - it cuts the screen real estate for the Content Pane in half, or some. (That pane has got to appear somewhere in case, so I put it between the Tree and the Content panes.)

Currently, to get rid of that - now useless - pane, I first have to focus that pane (which is possible by a shortcut), then only I can hide the pane (by ^F4); I would prefer to have a one-key shortcut for "Hide Search Results".

But the ideal solution would obviously be that the pane, now useless, will disappear whenever the user has switched from it and the content pane (which is possible by simple click in the search results pane) to the tree, and when thus the search results have disappeared (!) from the search results pane anyway...

but IF that pane had been displayed, BEFORE the search, for displaying the children of the current item, it should of course not disappear but again work as "Child Pane"; in other words:

If BEFORE the Search, NO "Child Pane" had been displayed, ideally, the "Search Results Pane" should automatically be hidden as soon as the user switches focus (by double-click or "Enter") from Search Results Pane / Content Pane back to the Tree ("Data Explorer").
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