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Version 9.3

Released on October 14, 2016

  • Support for Windows Server 2016

    Action Enhancements

  • Advanced Installer action: Support v13.
  • Delphi/C++Builder/RAD Studio actions: Support v10.1 Berlin.
  • Document!X action: Support v2016.
  • Flare action: Support v12.
  • Gradle action: Support v3.
  • HelpStudio action: Support v2016.
  • InstallAware action: Support X4, X5.
  • InstallShield action: Support v2016.
  • NUnit action: Additional support for v3.
  • PureCM action: Support v2016.
  • Run SQL action: Support SQL Server 2016.
  • SetupBuilder action: Support v2016.
  • Surround SCM action: Support v2016.

    Bug Fixes
  • Builder component: Build error could occur with step name containing macro (%) or script ([ or ]) special character.
  • GUI app: 1) Clear Profile field in toolbar when opening or creating project if _BUILD_PROFILE_ temporary macro not defined; 2) Remove profile from toolbar drop-down after editing step if profile no longer in project.
  • Loop action: Looping over file contents with <newline> delimiter did not match on Unix line endings (\n vs. \r\n).
  • Make VS 2010-2015 actions: $(Platform) variable in project file not handled properly.
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