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Version 3.5e

Released on April 24, 2009

Updated on June 19, 2009 (UltraRecall.exe in Help | About | Install Info)*

Bug fixes
  • XML export: Write date attributes in time instead of decimal format.*+
  • Contacts created in UR not synced properly to Outlook.*+
  • Search synchronization not working.*+
  • Drag/drop of link from Firefox stores and shows URL in detail pane instead of importing page.*
  • When run from removable (USB) drive, create temporary documents on removable drive instead of in system TEMP folder.*+
  • Importing of local filenames containing % characters could fail.*
  • Browse button in Hyperlink Properties dialog (Format menu) doesn't work if File/URL field contains / or : characters.*
  • Compacting a large database (5GB or larger) could result in 'Database disk image is malformed' error.
  • If Tools | Options | Browser | Launch shortcuts in external browser by default is checked, continuously repeated 'System could not find the file specified' error message could occur for web page that redirects to a non-existent file.
  • Error message could occur when dropping down View | Other Windows menu.
  • Removing all search entries (Tools | Options | Search/Reminders | Remove All) doesn't always clear search toolbar combo or Quick Search list.
  • If View toolbar customized, search toolbar combo list doesn't use main Quick Search list and can't be cleared.
  • Support multi-month mode when resizing calendar pane (View | Other Windows | Calendar) on Vista.
  • Reduce indent size (Format | Decrease/Increase Indent).
  • Item Flag changes not synced to Outlook Status property.+
  • If mouse buttons are swapped in Windows, clicking on value in Item Attributes pane to begin editing resulted in edit control right-click menu being displayed.
  • Unstoring a stored document item still displays as stored until UR restarted.
  • Fix for proper editing of stored Unicode text files.
  • New import/export sets not created properly if no changes made to settings.+
  • Can only copy, not link, when dragging from UR web address toolbar.

    + = Professional edition only
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