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PATH that is used when 'Make VS.NET' action runs

We are noticing a problem when building projects using this action. In some cases, cpp files don't get rebuilt when a header file in a path specified in the include path changes. We think we've tracked down the problem to how the Microsoft vcbuild.exe program works. Ultimately, Microsoft requires that the <Studio2005>/Common7/IDE path be in the PATH in order for this to function properly.

In VBP I assume that this action (which I assume calls vcbuild.exe) will inherit the environment (and thus the PATH) that VBP saw when it started up. Is this correct?

Is there any way I can specify a specific path that VBP should use when calling this action?

I know I could probably alter the PATH on the system, but this is less desirable as I want to minimize impact.

Here is the MS problem report describing this problem:
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