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Altho this is greatly disappointing..... & frustrating..... this action does not come as a surprise to me. In fact, I mentioned it once before & was shouted down. So be it.

I strongly believe that besides having a great product -- like UR -- open, kindly, friendly, welcoming customer support is just as essential to the potential success of any product.

Yes, for those of you who are technically oriented, kinook has always been prompt in replying to technical questions posted here. Now I suppose this is all that should be required of technical support, ie.. ask a question, get the answer.

But, to me, both the information & the approach has always been highly technical & cold & frequently over my head.

A smile goes a long way in this world. IMO, UltraRecall was never going to break out of its small technoworld with that approach.

Like Agenda, Ecco & ADM before it, UR leaves behind a mature, unfinished product & a bunch of users who now have a tough decision to make.... and if they decide to move on..... hours & hours of work before getting their life back in order.

None the less, I don't wish Kinook any ill. I hope they succeed as I do all other small software companies whom I have spent thousands & thousands of dollars supporting over the years.

Happy Halloween.