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Have exact same experience as inkognito but can shed some extra light:

Created Task "Dog" in UR
Sync UR Task folder with OL
Matching long URLs ending E0000 (see zipped text file) - much longer than URLs of Tasks created in OL

2nd sync resulted in duplicate Task creation in UR
Original UR task and OL task retain matching URL (UR1 & OL1). Duplicate task in UR gains shorter URL (same length as Tasks created in OL):

On 2nd Sync, the Item Attributes for the two tasks are quite different (see zipped UR1 and UR2 jpgs). UR2 looks like other tasks sync'd from OL. UR1 has less fields.

On 3rd Sync, the URL's remain unchanged but the Item Attributes of UR2 change slightly (see UR2_3.jpg).

Other points:
- After creating a UR Task, if only the Task is sync'd with OL rather than the whole UR Task folder, the duplicate is not created and the Item Attributes remain similar to UR1 above. But once the whole UR Task folder is sync'd, the duplicate then appears with additional atttributes like UR2.
- Disconnecting from Exchange Server (pull cable out) does not prevent duplicate creation (so duplicate apparantly not the result of syncs with both the server and local copy of Task)
- Permantly deleting in UR a duplicate with a short URL e.g. UR2, results in re-creation of the duplicate on sync with OL. The recreated duplicate gets its exact same original short URL.
- Permantly deleting in UR a duplicate with a long URL e.g. UR1, gets rid of the UR duplicate once and for all. The reamining short URL UR Task e.g. UR2 stays sync'd with the long URL Task in OL, and changes made to either side are reflected on re-sync.

Any help?

Using Outlook 2003 with Exchange Server Cache Mode and UR 3.2.6
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