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FrontPage Server Extensions are installed as is the ASP.NET component of the server. I tried the idea from the previous post where you remove the VSWebCache folder, and this did not work. There is nothing else odd about my project or my machine. I have removed the .csproj script extension, added a MIME Type to associate the file. I just erased the VSWebCache folder for my username, and it still gives me a 401 error (Unauthorized). I am running a clean win 2k3 server box that sounds pretty much exactly the same as what the admin descfribed. Does anyone have any ideas?

So I went back and thought that Server Extensions were the reason the builds were failing. It turns out that if I go to 'configure FP Server Extensions' and configure the machine to allow anonymous access, I do not get this 401 Unauthorized error. Any ideas on how to get the build to work without allowing anonymous access to my entire machine?

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