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I took a clean W2K3 install and was able to build without any problems. Here were the steps I followed:

1) Added the Server role to Windows (enabling server extensions and ASP.NET).
2) Installed VS.NET 2003.
3) Installed VBP 5.3.
4) Opened VS.NET and created a C# ASP.NET Web App named WebApplication1.
5) Built the new project in VBP via the Make VS.NET action, using the sln file (C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\WebApplication1\WebApplication1.sln) and project file ( http://localhost/WebApplication1/WebApplication1.csproj), configuring the step to increment the file version and set the base address.

Did you enable server extensions and ASP.NET when configuring the Server role? Is there anything else nonstandard about your setup?
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