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This doesn't work under 'Default Web Site'

Hi everyone,
I have run into this same problem, and the removal of the extension mappings does work. It just doesn't work for the default web site. I have tested this extensivly and I am unable to build a web project that uses URL references that go through the out-of-the-box default web site. However, I can create a new web site, set it to use the default port (80) and then change the default web site to be using a different port. When I have the same .sln file referencing a web project via 'localhost/virtual directory', the build will always fail if the localhost is set to be using IIS' default web site. I have removed the file extension mappings, added MIME types and everything. Is there any way to get web projects to build through the IIS 6.0 out-of-the-box default web site?

Please let me know if anyone has run into this problem and found an answer. Thanks in advance

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