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Re: First pass suggestions

Originally posted by TimP
Printouts of internal text items always get the words "Ultra Recall" in the footer. This should stop.
In the Page Setup dialog, replace 'Ultra Recall' footer value with a single space (this setting will persist for future printing). See for details.

Returning to an item puts you back at the top of the item. UR should remember forever where I was in the item.
As of 1.4b, using Go | Forward/Back should persist the scroll position for text and web page items. If this isn't happening, please describe the exact steps to duplicate.

Select web-site items causes them to open automatically. Why can't it work like this for imported documents. Having to click a link is bothersome.
For Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents, you can configure the documents to be viewed/edited in the internal browser view. See

Don't sort new items into the tree. Just add them to the end or top of the list for the chosen parent. Maybe provide a behaviour setting in the options for this. I often want to add items and keep them in chronological order of when I added them. Sorting them in by name is a real pain.
By default, items are sorted alphabetically in the tree, but you can manually order items in the tree after adding by selecting and moving item(s) up/down. Once one item has been re-ordered under a node, new siblings will be added at the end. We do have on our list to add an option to default to manual sorting.
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