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Unhappy Deja vu all over again

So two years on I'm running UltraRecall on my brand new Vista (*bright shiny grin*) computer.

I start the program.

"Server busy

This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose 'switch to to activate the busy program and correct the problem."

I have the options 'switch to...' and 'retry'. Clicking retry does nothing. Clicking 'switch to' brings up the start menu. I can click 'switch to' as many times as I like, and it will always bring up the start menu. Clicking around in the start menu and dismissing it makes no odds.

Ctrl+alt+delete; close UR. Re-open. Same problem.

I'm assuming that restarting the computer will work... I've been running UR on Vista for a few weeks now without this problem. But I'd be really happy if it didn't happen.
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