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The Invoice example may have been a poor choice, but I'm going to stick with it. I realize that UR does not offer an Attribute Option to sequential autonumber, it's just part of the example.

Here's a typical data structure for an Invoice parent item:
Unique Item ID (node ID)
Invoice Number (sequential autonumber)
Sold To
Ship To
Bill To

Here's a typical data structure for an Invoice child item:
Unique Item ID (node ID)
Unique Item ID of parent (Info Item, lookup)
Part Number
Unit Price

To establish a permanent linkage (Referential Integrity) between the parent and child - independent of the Data Explorer - you must use the Attribute Type - Info Item for the Attribute (Unique Item ID of parent) in the child item, which serves as the permanent link to the parent (forgein key).

When the child record is created, this type of forgein key assignment must still be completed by the user. Perhaps this is more of a Suggestion than a Discussion, just not sure if I'm missing something.
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