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Referential Integrity

The parent child relationship allows us to normalize the data structure:

for example, an invoice has a header section with a unique identifier, a date stamp, lookups to Contacts for Sold To, Ship To, Bill To (all the information to describe the invoice)

then you have one or more child items decribing what is being sold.

One method to insure referential integrity between parent and child records, is to create an attribute in the child record whose value is the unique identifier of the parent. In UR this is handled by the Data Explorer tree, but what happens if child records get misplaced by user error, become detached from their rightful inheritance.

As far as I can tell, this is partailly handled by the use of the Attribute Type - Info Item in the child record, but requires user input to set its value to anything beyond a default location.

Did a search on the title and came up empty, so I'm not sure if this has been addressed in v.4, but I am curious how others deal with this.
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