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I really appreciate the power and features of Ultra Recall Pro.

However, I think sometimes that all these features requiring under-the-hood tinkering get in the way of the primary functions (as I see them) of URp:

* Capture of data
* Organization of data
* Location of data

My reaction to this thread is "I don't want to have to program my PIM! I just want to be able to willy-nilly dump data into it, organize that data when I have time, and be able to find the data when I need it".

I feel like it's easy to get lost in (almost required) tweaking URp, which dilutes the original purpose of the software: information, knowledge, and document management.

I find my efforts to get into URp thwarted because it's difficult to use for management of information, knowledge, and documents "out-of-the-box"... I launch URp expecting to be able to easily capture data, but end up having to tweak.
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