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Originally posted by $bill
tfjern, I think I see the database concept that is giving you some trouble in your database design. Seems you have empirically figured this out but maybe this explaination will help you avoid some future frustration.

Item       Attribute         Value

Item1          TAG          Important
Item2          TAG          Followup
Item3          TAG          Important; Followup
Item4          TAG          Important Followup
Item5          TAG          Important  Followup  (note the 2 spaces)
...Search- UR will parse the Value of TAG into keywords. So a search of "TAG contains keyword Followup" will return items 2,3,4,5.

A search of "TAG contains keyword Important AND TAG contains keyword Followup" will return items 3,4,5.
Thanks, for filling in the blanks.

Exploring the Search function:
if you standardized on the value shown for Item-3, then a search of "TAG equals Important" should only return Item-1.

if you wanted ALL the Items that have the same value as Item-3 (or any compound value), then the EQUALS comparator and the drop-down list should make it easy to search for any compound value.

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