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Ya'll are awesome. (OK, I'm a displaced Texan.)

Kinook, thanks for the info. I'm still learning the tricks to using UR, so I didn't understand that. UR has been pretty easy to use; I'm so glad I found it.

armsys, I forgot to state that I switched from my latest calendar program to using UR because I'm retired and only have a few appointments. I do my volunteer work mostly from home--and that's mostly routine. I've been using EverNote for several years for storing bits of information, but I like UR better for that--although I haven't quit EverNote totally yet. One of the uses I really like for UR is gathering all the bits of my genealogy research from TreePad, .rtf files, and EverNote in one place. Makes it a lot easier to search and to determine where I stopped entering data in my family database in RootsMagic. Over the years I've collected a lot of data and had found it especially hard to organize my .rtf files so I could actually find what I needed.

I'm glad you told me about Shift+Enter. I had been using right-click, which is slow for the 30-31 entries I was doing for each month. I was already using F2 to rename the days.

ashwken, thanks for that easy way to use Open Office SCalc (the spreadsheet I use) to add the daily dates. That should help a lot.

Thanks again to all of you.

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