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Is This Possible to Do?

One of the things I'm using UR for is to keep track of daily tasks to do, appointments, etc. I know some people don't recommend that, but it works better for me than any calendar program I've ever tried (and I've tried a lot).

I created a database I call simply ToDo. I then copied the Year, Month, and Journal Entry templates from the sample db named Journal and some of the folders from the GTD sample db into my db.

Now I'm looking for a quick way to add each day's date and day of the week under the appropriate Month folder so I can add tasks and appointments to the correct day. I have been using the Journal Entry template for the day. When you insert the Journal Entry template each day, the current date is automatically created and displayed for the title. But that doesn't work for me because I want to add all the days for each month now.

In April I manually added 30 Journal Entry templates (renamed to Day) and changed the name to, e.g., "4/01/10 Thurs." That was a lot of work, so I thought I could copy all 30 of those to each month and then rename them for the appropriate date and day of the week. That bombed when I found out that all the tasks I had in April were copied to May.

So that's my dilemna. Is there an easier way to create the daily entries? (I hope my explanation of what I've done makes sense.)

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