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Originally posted by kinook
It appears two integration options are provided with the Google Desktop SDK:
1) allow a file type to be indexed (when created or when Google Desktop periodically reindexes) This would be quite inefficient (and ineffective in my opinion)
My (limited) understanding of the IFilter API (which almost all the Desktop Search engine use) is that you can define UR as as "database-like store" that has multiple objects in it - like outlook is one big file that has lots of search items in it. Interesting it seems on the surface that you could describe UR as a store, but then hand the filtering back to the appropriate filters for what you store (text, word, pdf, html, etc). More information is here:

I'll add that the first step to doing this is valuable in itself, which is defining a UR "protocol" so we can have UR URLs to UR documents. I talk about that at The same MS documentation talks a bit about how to do that at:


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