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I think integration with GDS makes lots of sense. GDS or any of the looks like this gives us one central place to look for something when we don't know where it is stored. The advantage to GDS so far is that they have given tools like UR a way to integrate their own data storing format into their scheme.

Based on what you said about #1 then I assume you don't think having a central index of all your data is worthwhile? It's only worthwhile if we use UR for everything we are ever going to want to find?

It feel silly giving a usage example because it has nothing to do with UR. It gets to the point of why these tools exist to begin with.

Example: I need to find data X and I have no idea where I put it or what other stuff I have out there related to X. I want to go to one place to find it regardless of where it is stored.

I don't think #2 is worth the efforts.

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