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Originally Posted by schferk View Post
Thus, I recommend to start a thread "I'm willing to give xyz dollars for Kinook being able to order a new & really good editor, please join in", instead of multiplying the threads in which the multiple faults and innumerable missing functions of the gratis editor are displayed. Just my 2 cents.
So in other words in your opinion nobody should ever ask for updated features in UR, but just live with it as it is unless they are willing to take up a contribution for updates. That is more than a little bit absurd; did you get the software for free? I seem to remember paying for it.

If Kinook comes up with a new version of the software that has a new editor (to stay competitive with other similar products) and also resolves a number of other feature and bug requests, I would gladly pay an upgrade fee as I am sure many others would. But to tell people they need to start a donation thread anytime they ask for a new feature in the software, you are really doing nothing more than trolling, scherk.
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