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You must see that on every occasion, somebody beggs for a new editor within UR, or a way to include an external editor within UR, for any which reason, and there are many good ones of them, he's rebuked. It's simply the fact that a good external editor component would cost Kinook about 800 or 1,000 bucks one-time payment, whilst the very old MS editor that comes with UR is free. Thus, I recommend to start a thread "I'm willing to give xyz dollars for Kinook being able to order a new & really good editor, please join in", instead of multiplying the threads in which the multiple faults and innumerable missing functions of the gratis editor are displayed. Just my 2 cents.

P.S.: I've had many problems with the "search" function not finding anything, too, so I decided to better organize my stuff, in order to avoid searching altogether. It's a pity self-contained IM systems cannot get rid of bugs affecting their everyday usefulness. Before doing a search over multiple databases, the search within a single database should function well, it's a minimum, no? Just my 2 cents.

MyInfo, a less elegant but not bad contender, had a function which allowed, by option, for displaying of the three first lines of editor's text for every hit, within a sort of a "hit table": VERY smart since you could standardize some recurrent info within these first three lines, and then decide upon a variety of key info just by looking at the hit table.

They withdrew that function, pretending they would reintroduce it later. Well, that's been more than a year now, and no reintroduction of that fine feature in sight. So, if any businessman did his customer db in MI 5, relying on this feature, then updated his database to MI 6, then saw the feature was gone, then tried to reconvert his db back to 5.0: oops, file format changed...

Even "better", expensive InfoSelect cut off most vital functions, pretending they were accessory... and presumably to hinder people to change horses, for some of them.

askSam dumped their forum altogether, promised an "8 beta"... which is unavailable.

There is a degree of unprofessionality within the development (and un- and non-development) of individual IM sw that makes it very difficult to rely upon these for any business use: individual users ain't nothing more than beggars, and most of the time, our tended hats remain empty.

This being said, people not ready to create their own integrated system out of an outliner and additional sw, are bound to stick to what they have, and then, most are professionals, having good incomes, being able to spend 1,000 bucks on a really good IM system, instead of laying out 19,95 bucks at bitsdujour...

Perhaps it's time some of the offerings got REAL, asking for 1,000 bucks, but DELIVERING.

The current situation, whining for YEARS over bugs that never get really done with, and over missing functions that'll NEVER come, and it's similar anywhere, UR being one of the more serious offerings by immediate comparison, is cabaret.

Have a look at the outliner forum: There, motherless outliner users, many of them coming from UR, are fervently discussing a wiki tool, wikis being for textual presentation, not creation notwithstanding, but they don't even see that basic, so desperate are they. And every one of them could pay 1,000 bucks for REAL sw.

Cabaret, I say. Just my 2 cents.
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