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Originally posted by goggin
Is this why when I copy the Journal Year template from the provided sample file and paste it into my practice db, it doesn't work as advertised?

That is, highlighting a given month and hitting insert is supposed to produce a Journal child item with today's date as the title, but instead I get a text child item.

I get item attributes (i'm pretty sure, anyway), but don't get the role the "form" plays in the discussions above...that's why I'm not sure I've understood this thread correctly. And I definitely don't know what is meant by "copying form attributes to a template."

Thx in advance for the help...
Apparently the Templates are losing the Default Child Attribute value when copied to the new database.

At first I copied the Year Template to a New db, which produced it self, plus its child Templates (Month, Journal Entry), plus it created a second Month Template. The creation of the individual Month and Journal Entry Templates is to be expected since they reside as children of the Year Template, but the creation of the second Month Template is strange. Shift-Delete all copied Templates.

Next, I copied just the Journal Entry Template, then the Month Template, then the Year Template. In this case the Month Template did not duplicate, but the Default Child Template value is lost.

Next, I copied some Templates from one of my db with the same results, the Default Child Template value is lost.

Other Attributes values are retained (Icon, Form, Title Expression).

Running UR v.3.5e.
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