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Nice call! And thanks for taking the trouble to understand this problem. UltraRecall and its excellent user community strike again!

So, forms do not carry attributes to items they're assigned to. I can certainly see both sides of the discussion that might ensue from this. However, I would definitely side with those who think a form carried around by a template should carry its attributes into derived items instead of their just sort of floating in the form.

I hope Kinook will figure out how to deal with this. The help page titled "Form" under "Getting Started > Basic Concepts > Attribute > Attribute Type >" states that a form is an alternate method "for viewing and editing the item's attributes." I've had a good look around, and nowhere is there a mention of attributes having to be assigned to an item before a form can be used in such a manner. As much as there's a warning that attributes could be lost when changing the template of an item, I would think that a similar caution about the comings and goings of forms would be equally helpful.
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