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Originally posted by armsys
1. By "import," do you mean *folder synchronization?
2. Does your post intend to describe two issues:
(a) Incorrect DocType,
(b) Windows file attributes incorrectly or partially imported into UR.
The situation occurs when Importing to an Item that has a Default Child Template value that is a Template based on the default UR Document Template. Since Forms are assigned to Templates, if you want a "data header" in the Detail Pane of a data file you need to assign a Form to a "Document" Template - from the Templates folder, Insert Child Item (Document).

When you Import files (any method of bringing (data) files into UR), and the Default Child Template value of the Parent Item (importing to) is the default UR Document Template or some text-type Template, then the default UR Document Template will be used to create the new Item - the default UR Document Template will "adjust itself" to the correct DocType value during import.

I think that this relates to what Kinook has referred to as the default Templates losing their "properties" when copied, in this case the ability of the Document Template to "adjust" its DocType value during import.

One solution is to assign the desired Form to the default UR Document Template, then all new imported files will have the desired Form and the Document Template functions properly (for DocType). But this will require some level of user management as import needs change within the database.

For example, the Item for Album Title lends itself to this situation also - it needs to be a "Document" Template so that you can import the album cover image and have an assigned Form for the album data (and image data if desired), the DocType value for images is also (12).

You can get a better sense for the DocType value by looking at the UR Sample Database - Document Summary.

Regarding UR's handling of Windows Summary Attributes, I'm not asking for a solution perse, just relating what I've experienced. Going forward I don't know if chasing perfection in this area is worth the effort. Personally, I'd prefer to see UR support audio and image tags internally.
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