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Originally posted by StephenUK

... Paperport. It produces excellent thumbnails of Word and Excel documents and of photos and other media. UR is pretty useless at storing photos. Why? After all, it aims to store EVERYTHING, so why not get to grips with photos?
I think store is the operative word - this is the reflective or passive response I was referring to above.

Any manipulation of images (an Active Response - deletions, alterations, renaming, folder structuring) needs to take place outside of UR in Windows Explorer, then brought into UR via File | Import | a Folder and used in conjunction with the *folder display.

So long as you're ready to Store the images.
Originally posted by armsys
I just don't see how UR could become a photo database given my experience with [insert favorite software title]
Except for image (and tag) manipulation, the database functions provided by these programs and UR are not that dissimilar.

It will be interesting to see what lies ahead in the next release of UR.
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