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Hi StephenUK & ashwken
Alas, it's always my problem to see things a half cup full. I should have warned StephenUK to read the manual before venturing aggressive experiment with folder sychronization, especially the deletion part, which sometimes induces jaw dropping and/or cardiac anomaly. Neither did I expect all the worst scenarios occurring simultaneously. I was aware of all these discontents.
On the other hand, what if you were in Kinook's shoes, how would you implement the folder things? That's the area you can help Kinook and UR users.
For the photo database, I highly recommend ThumbsPlus (see
For the PaperPort, I've been an intensive user since 1995 on a daily basis. If you switch the image format from .max to .pdf, then you'll find a twilight zone between UR and PaperPort.
Just my 2 cents.

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