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Tree, thumbnails

Armsys, thank you very much for that. My first impression on trying out your suggestion was mild elation. There were all the thumbnails. It worked a treat.

But then synchronisation. Within UR Ctrl-shift-del deleted in Windows Explorer too. Great. Also, if I create a note in UR and synchronize, it appears in Windows Explorer. Great too.

But, as Ashwken just said, other things don't work so well. If I delete a sub-directory and its files in Windows Explorer and then sync in UR, the effect is for that sub-directory and its files re-appear in Windows Explorer. And if I delete the sub-directory in UR using Ctrl-Shift-del, it doesn't work as it does on a file. The directory remain in place in Explorer.

Also, after a bit of playing around my machine began to freeze up. Too much synching perhaps.

I think actually, it is not worth the effort. I am better just to go over to Explorer for my photos.

Essentially, anything that relies on synching, even if the synching were to be flawless, is difficult. One needs to remember the synching rules for a start.

It really would be much better to have all the photos actually IN UR itself and nonetheless to have thumbnails! If the only way to obtain thumbnails is by holding externally, linking and then synching, thing become inherently awkward and inelegant.

So I won't be using this procedure and will give up on storing more than odd photos in UR until it can be done internally. Maybe in UR4?

But thanks for all the help!
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