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Originally posted by StephenUK

The particular problem I have is that:

- the directory structure where I hold the photos changes quite frequently and is several layers deep. If I import the parent directory, and represent it as a directory in UR, the files in that parent directory display nicely as thumbnails and do, as you say, load very quickly. But if I want to drill down to a sub directory I am just taken to Windows Explorer.

I can, of course, laboriously recreate my Windows Explorer directory structure I use for my photos in UR one directory at a time. But with perhaps 100 directories, and no way to synchronise the directory structure, it is a tedious process both to create and to maintain.

So I would suggest the value of internal thumbnails, or, if that is difficult to achieve, some way of quickly reproducing part of the Windows explorer tree in the UR tree with a means of synching the two. (I can't think that would be so difficult in programming terms).
Yes, the lack of "linkage" between the *folder display and the actual child is a pitfall.

Although you can File | Import | a Folder (and recurse) to any point in the Data Explorer, you can't "push" changes outward from UR - file rename, move folder (or maybe I'm missing something). If you make changes (file rename) thru the Windows Explorer Folder Display, then re-sync you end up with "orphaned" Items.

This method of folder import and re-sync is more of a reflection, a passive response. In many cases my Data Explorer ends up looking like a file system anyway, even if I don't fully import folders.

The absence of a File Manager mode in UR is puzzling - I have no idea how best to implement it.
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