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Version 4.0

Released on August 3, 2009

New Features

  • Windows 7 and 2008 R2 compatibility.
  • Highlight search matches in item text (Tools | Options | Search).
  • Step through search matches (Go | Next/Previous Match).
  • HTML export (File | Export -> Documents and rich text to HTML).+
  • Set tab stop positions in text editor (Format | Tabs). First tab stop also used for indent (Format | Increase/Decrease Indent) size.
  • Delete logical links from Item Parents pane.
  • Delete line command: Edit | Cut (Ctrl+X) in rich text editor with no selection deletes (cuts) current line.
  • Paste multiple lines command: Edit | Paste Special | Paste Text One Item Per Line in Data Explorer pane creates one item per line of text on clipboard.
  • Option to automatically capture clipboard content (Tools | Options | Import | Automatically import clipboard changes).
  • Option to use form and detail web or rich text viewer for display of imported messages (remove .msg;.eml;.nws from Tools | Options | Documents | File extensions to display in MIME viewer and add to Tools | Options | Browser | File extensions to display in internal browser view or Tools | Options | Editor | File extensions to display in text editor).+
  • Toggle display of forms (View | Other Windows | Show Forms).+


  • Detect and sort by dates and numbers in Data Explorer pane.*
  • Tab enhancements (Tab | Lock tab title and Tab | Go to locked item).+
  • Support drag/drop and copy/paste from UR into applications accepting URLs (i.e., MindManager).+
  • If Tools | Options | Import | Choose location when importing or pasting from other applications is checked, show import dialog without showing minimized or hidden UR window.
  • Advanced Search: The is child of operator, when referencing another search item, includes that item's results instead of child items of the results.
  • Import delimited data from clipboard (File | Import | A delimited text file -> Load Clipboard).
  • Double-click (or Enter) on item in tree with no children opens document (equivalent to Item | Open Document).
  • Don't update Child Items / Search Results pane scroll position while loading or if user scrolls, selects, or cancels while loading.
  • Maintain position in Child Items / Search Results pane after deleting item(s).
  • Add and populate Attachments attribute when importing Outlook, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird messages.
  • Edit | Copy Form command: separate form values with tab instead of space and include empty values.+
  • Require current password to be entered in order to change database password (Tools | Change Password).+
  • Ability to set boldness and italics of custom fonts (Tools | Options | Fonts and Tools | Options | Editor).
  • Update item's Date Accessed attribute when skipping duplicate URL during import.+
  • Keep original Date Created and Date Updated attributes when duplicating items (within same and between DBs).
  • Don't check existence of linked URL for stored document item.
  • Option to make selection more obvious (Tools | Options | Fonts | Selected Item).
  • Option to parse PDF files for summary information without keywording document text (Add .pdf to Tools | Options | File extensions to keyword, create DWORD registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall\Options\PDFKeywordOnlySummaryInfo with a value of 1, and restart UR).+
  • Enable combining item text of non-Text items (copy multiple, Edit | Paste Special | Paste Rich Text).+
  • Enable renaming of system attributes (Tools | Attributes | Properties).+

    + = Professional edition only
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