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VSS Add Operation

Hello together,

I tried to use the VSS Add funtionality of VBP, but it does not work. All other VSS operations like Get Checkout CheckIn... work properly, but I have serious problems adding new files to VSS via CommandLine, too.

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe\ss.exe" Add $/1500/PC_KUNDE/KKH/DBINCL C:\pcdps1500\KKH\DBINCL1\a1000tst.h -Yvb,vb1991 -W -C"Added by VB User"

I already consulted another forum, but no responses the last week. The MSDN help could not help, too.

Path to VSS executable:
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe\ss.exe

The Add statement with path where to add in VSS:

The path for the local file:

The rest is not important I think. Is the usage correct?
Thats the result of the VBP output window:

Failed to create process: The directory name is invalid.

What directory name is meant by it? The local one or the VSS path?

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