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Moving items with hotkeys not working

I try from time to time UR, to see if something in what matters for me is changed on the way.

A thing that I found troubling in UR has been the drag and drop gestures to move items in the outline pane. With dragging, I am just able to make an item a child of another, but not to move up and down or left it. The issue I understand is on the way a package code/feature has been adopted by UR. Other software use a different one, and with drag and drop it works better, at least for me.

What I found strange now is to discover that even the given hotkeys (Shift+Ctrl+Direction keys) at least in my WinXp configuration do not work with the latest UR. I need to use the menu: that works.

Is this an issue for UR in general or is just my old OS that does that.
Thanks for the feedback
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