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UR touching the database every minute?

I've found that UR seems to be touching the database every min. or so, even when I'm not using it (and even when UR is minimized to the taskbar). By touching I mean not only updating the date/time stamp, but also changing the content by a few bytes (confirmed by before/after binary comparison).

I'm asking because my backup scheme backs up important data very frequently. With UR updating the database every min., the backup program picked up UR info databases every time it goes to work. That's ok (and is what I intend) if there are real changes to the databases, but it's a waste of resources if nothing has really been changed. The issue is getting bigger as my databases are gaining weight, and will be quite annoying when they grow into hundreds of MB or more.

Is there a reason for that behavior? Is there a way to stop that, short of closing the database? Thanks.
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