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Originally posted by kinook
We use SQLite FTS3 for this. Either we're doing something wrong, or it doesn't index character by character for Chinese/Japanese text, but I believe that a match whole words option would resolve it.
With "Enhanced full-text Search" enabled, the "match whole words" option is always checked and grayed out (i.e., the setting can't be changed). Or am I doing anything wrong?

As to FTS3, I've absolutely no idea how it works. I'm not a programer; I can do only a little scripting. For now I simply pad all Chinese/Japanese search terms with two asterisks. I would be very grateful if you may turn your attention to this matter someday. Feel free to call on me to help testing when you do. I'm not a programer, but I'm pretty good at debugging. I've helped several programers making their products compatible with East Asian text over the years.

Originally posted by kinook
It would be great if you could post this at -- thanks.
I'd love to, except my script relies on a shareware editor (EmEditor) for its objects (mostly the selection object). I guess it can be modified to work with MS Word (using Word's selection object) but I haven't tried it.

In addition, the script is a quick hack put together in half an hour and tested only on a few test notes in my test database. I'm not sure if it'll work as expected for others. As an example, I found out during my test that UR sometimes stores the URL in a format like "![CDATA[http://...]". I've no idea what the "CDATA" notation is for, and tell my script to strip it. It might not be the wisest thing to do, and I've no idea what other special notations might go into that field.

Now, given the caveats above, do you still think it's suitable to be published in the Tips forum?

Originally posted by kinook
It was last featured there on Jan. 10, 2011, and will probably not be back for several months. We'll consider offering a DC discount. If you are a student or educator or work for a non-profit organization, we can also offer you the educational discount (30%) at
Jan. this year? Too bad I didn't know it (nor did I have the time to try out UR at that time). But the educational discount is good enough for me (I'm a teacher) and I've put in my order and received my reg. info. just now. Thanks a lot for the discount.
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